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emagiC CMS.Net is a milestone in web content management, both for web developers and for web masters. Thanks to the advanced logic of the administration interface, the system makes it easy to input, publish and manage information on a website. The combination of content management and site management also offers a high degree of flexibility.


Even though emagiC CMS.Net is user friendly in the true sense of the word, it doesn’t make any concessions when it comes to quality. The multilingual content blocks make translation much easier. This is no longer a luxury in the international environment that virtually every company operates in, or will have to operate in at some point in the future. The system also provides important additional benefits, such as the web-based user interface, modular structure, open architecture and search engine optimisation.


emagiC CMS.Net is an investment for the company. An investment that will quickly recover its initial cost. More and more web designers and end users are discovering the unfair advantage of emagiC CMS.Net. The benefits are substantial.


emagiC CMS.Net offers more than 80% of all high-end features for just 20% of the average market price. This is more than enough not just for simple websites but also for large, complex projects.


Browsers / OSs (2)


Feature hightlights


  • Content management, site management and portal management
  • Browser-independent web-based administration interface (Internet Explorer v10, Firefox v25, Safari v5, Chrome v30)
  • Integrated WYSIWYG editor
  • Management of multiple sites in multiple languages
  • Multi-lingual editing
  • Integrated content versioning
  • Scheduled content
  • Real-time link verification
  • Email notification
  • Search engine friendly url’s
  • Role-based administration rights
  • Task lists
  • SSL support
  • Security on page and content level
  • Page caching
  • Content syndication (RSS)
  • Content sharing (via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ...)
  • Widget integration
  • Audit trail
  • Built-in statistics
  • Integrated image editor
  • Language matrix tool
  • Multimedia support (YouTube, ...)
  • Multi-language support, customizable character sets (default Unicode UTF-8)
  • Localization of the administration interface
  • Large set of standard and optional modules (Form Generator, Poll, Google maps, dtSearch connector, Active Directory, Newsletter, Extranet security, XData/XForms, ...)
  • Development tools (database viewer & file manager)
  • Scalable architecture
  • Open architecture and extended API for rapid integration of legacy systems
  • Based on the latest technologies (MS .NET Framework)
  • Scalable, flexible licensing model
  • Detailed and extensive user manual and technical manual
  • ...







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