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Update wysiwyg editor

Browser compatibility updates

SQL Server issues

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Update wysiwyg editor

Several fixes have been applied to the integrated wysiwyg editor to make it compatible with newer releases of Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox (the style drop-down box with custom defined styles was empty).


Browser compatibility updates

As a result of the XML DOM changes in newer releases of Firefox and Google Chrome, the XData and XForms items were not displayed anymore in the VIEW / EDIT screens (management tree).

Furthermore, XML DOM changes in Internet Explorer 11 resulted in an empty audit action field in the audit trail module (management tree).


SQL Server issues

The XData method LiveCategorySettingsUtility.GetCategories returned an error on following database versions :

MS SQL Server 2008 with compatibility level 90 or higher

MS SQL Server 2012

MS SQL Server 2014



  • The search module now also takes into account the document rootfolder even if the securityCheck setting is disabled.
  • New parameter in web.config : administrator/chkDblLogin (default True). If set to False, the same admin account can be used simultaneously on multiple stations.


If you have another great idea for a future release, do not hesitate to contact us.

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