What's new in emagiC CMS.Net v15.0


Upgrade CKEditor wysiwyg editor

Internet Explorer v11 support

SiteLanguage domains

AD properties

Feature highlights



Upgrade CKEditor wysiwyg editor

The wysiwyg editor based on the Open Source CKEditor component has been upgraded to CKEditor 4.3.


Internet Explorer v11 support

A major effort has been done to make emagiC CMS.Net compatible with Internet Explorer v11 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (desktop mode).


SiteLanguage domains

Domains can now be linked to a given language within a given site (i.e. siteLanguage).


AD properties

Once authenticated through LDAP, the userInfo property ADProperties contains additional AD user properties.



  • Through the new webpart header dropdown menu in edit mode, you can add a datapart in a region directly at any location without having to use the move up and move down buttons.
  • Autocomplete="OFF" for the administration logon.
  • The old FCKEditor has been removed completely.


If you have another great idea for a future release, do not hesitate to contact us.

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