What's new in emagiC CMS.Net v12.0


New wysiwyg editor
New widget module
Site and Site language code snippets
Improved search connector
System checkup tools
Feature highlights



New wysiwyg editor

emagiC CMS.Net implements a new, more user-friendly and browser-independent, wysiwyg editor based on the third-party CKEditor component.  CKEditor is distributed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL open source licenses. The editor implements new features (context menus, iframes, block quotes, text direction, page breaks for printing, smileys, preview) and includes many improvements (image gallery, multimedia preview).
For compatibility reasons, the previous wysiwyg editor based on the FCKEditor component is still available through a configuration setting in the web.config file.  Remark however that the old FCKEditor can not be used with Internet Explorer v9 or later.


New widget module

A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into your website pages. Widgets allow users to turn personal content into dynamic web apps that can be shared on websites where the code can be installed. Widgets often take the form of on-screen tools like clocks, event countdowns, auction-tickers, stock market tickers, flight arrival information, daily weather, slideshows ... For example, a "Weather Report Widget" could report today's weather by accessing data from the Weather Channel, it could even be sponsored by the Weather Channel.

You also can add Twitter updates to your web pages, embed a strip of YouTube videos on your web page and let your users watch the video channels you've selected, share your Facebook information or show your LinkedIn profile on your web page, add Google maps and Google analytics to your pages, ... Briefly, the possibilities are unlimited.


Site and Site language code snippets

A code snippet is a piece of code that you want to insert into your pages. The code can be inserted using the wysiwyg editor or the widget module or, if you need to insert the code on every page of a given site or site language, using the new code snippet properties for sites and site languages. The code can be added to the page header or at the top or bottom of the page body. Embed code is mostly used to add f.e. Google Analytics code to your pages to track website visitors.


Improved search connector

Substantial efforts have been made to improve and extend the functionality of the search connector. The new connector has following characteristics:

• based on dtSearch for indexing of web pages, office documents, pdf and zip files
• search within dtSearch web crawler indexes
• search within dtSearch desktop indexes
• security checking (access control) based on index security
• additional real-time security checking (access control)
• search within multiple indexes
• web enabling of local (server) document links
• fast response times

The new search connector with the additional real-time security checking gives you the possibility to use only 1 global index to implement search functionality for visitors with many different access rights on pages and documents.


System checkup tools

Following handy tools have been added for developers:

• Documents folder cleanup (removal of obsolete documents)
• Images folder cleanup (removal of obsolete images)
• Shortcut cleanup (removal of obsolete shortcut files)
• Temp folder cleanup (removal of temporary files)
• Repair database autonumber values
• Shrink database

The tools are NOT intended for use by end-user administrators or in a production environment.



  • Url shortcuts can now be defined on page level as well.
  • New overwrite option when adding new stylesheets



If you have another great idea for a future release, do not hesitate to contact us.

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