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Multisite - Multilingual


emagiC CMS.Net enables webmasters to manage several websites within the same administration interface. Each website can be filled with content in different languages. Furthermore, the built-in language matrix makes it possible to link corresponding pages in different languages. This enables visitors to the site to navigate quickly between the different language versions of the same page.


Anyone who has worked with emagiC CMS.Net has found the standard multilingual information blocks or data parts to be an enormous advantage. Various language versions of the same information block are available alongside one another. This makes the task of translating significantly more efficient. Thanks to emagiC CMS.Net’s standard use of Unicode, all alphabets are shown correctly: it doesn’t matter whether the text is in English, Russian or even Chinese.

emagiC CMS.Net review



emagiC CMS.Net v4.0 has been reviewed by asp.netPRO. Read the article in their magazine (May 2007) or go to the 'Product Reviews' section on the asp.netPRO website.

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