emagiC CMS.Net’s extremely logical structure is apparent in the consistency of the management pages, uniform menu structure and function accessibility. Furthermore, irritating pop-up windows have been reduced to an absolute minimum.


A logical structure and user friendliness are inseparable. You do not have to be a technical genius to manage a website that has been built with emagiC CMS.Net. Working with emagiC CMS.Net is very similar to working with familiar programs such as MS Office. After a short period of training, it can be used by every employee in a company, at any level.


Thanks to the separation of site management and content management, a data component can appear on different pages and display the same content. If the information is changed in that data part, these changes will also be cascaded through to all the other affected pages.

emagiC CMS Customer
Fred & Douwe

emagiC CMS.Net review



emagiC CMS.Net v4.0 has been reviewed by asp.netPRO. Read the article in their magazine (May 2007) or go to the 'Product Reviews' section on the asp.netPRO website.

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